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DeShaun's Marketing, Inc. was Incorporated in 2012. Our goal here is to see the believer succeed. This is why our company was created. When doing business with us at DeShaun's Marketing, Inc. we will help clients increase their success. Our creative branding strategies create relevance for your message and will help put your brand on the map. Come team with us!!

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What YouTube's Famebit Failure Can Teach Us About Influencer Marketing (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Why YouTube shuttered its self-service influencer marketing platform.
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Learn How to Engage Gen Z With Email Marketing (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Don't believe the stories you've read about how Gen Zers don't use email.
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More Than Changing Racist Names, Brands Must Create New Social Footprints (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
The five things brands with troublesome logos and history must do to change.
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